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  • Mixed Fortunes for Islamic Banks

    Islamic Banks are experiencing mixed fortunes as the industry matures and consolidates whilst facing challenges competing against established conventional peers.

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  • Iran to Boost Flagging Sukuk Market

    The Sukuk market is likely to receive a much-needed boost as Iran, home to the world’s biggest Islamic banking sector, with assets estimated at $482 billion, and the fourth largest crude oil reserves returns to the world capital markets.

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  • Asia and Middle East Boost Cross Border Sharia Trade

    Within Asia, China, Japan, India and South Korea are amongst the top export destinations for Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait, with the majority of trade being in the form of Oil & Mineral Fuels.

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Fixed rate guaranteed returns in the form of interest rates are not permitted in Sharia compliant products. Profit rates which carry an element of risk as well as a target rate which is not guaranteed are the equivalent deposit product.

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    Standard Chartered is promient in Islamic Capital Markets acting as advisor and bookrunner

    HSBC is a key player in the arranging of Sukuk

    Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) was established in 1975 & offers Retail & Wholesale Islamic Banki

    BSF offers Shariah compliant solutions to Individuals and Corporates

    Naveed is Founder of and

    Turkiye Finans is a joint venture of the Saudi Arabia's National Commercial Bank

    An initiative for the development of the Sharia Financial industry

    Khalid is a leading practitioner within the Sharia Financial industry.

    RHB Bank offers Islamic Banking services through its RHB Islamic window

    ADIB is a primary dealer for International Islamic Liquidity Management Corp Sukuk program

Array Russia Progressing on Islamic Financial Legal Framework

Russia Progressing on Islamic Financial Legal Framework

Authored by Dmitry Savelyev, the Duma Committee Deputy Chairman on Financial Markets, the bill seeks to separate and recognise sale and lease arrangements. Current legislation whilst not prohibiting two agreements (lease and sale) does not recognize these transactions as a leasing therefore "accelerated depreciation" (provided by the Tax Code) is not applicable to such products and as a result does not provide tax neutrality putting Ijara structures at a tax disadvantage.

Array More Sukuk Supply Awaiting for Fed Lift-off in December

More Sukuk Supply Awaiting for Fed Lift-off in December

Fresh Sukuk supply post-Fed meeting; sovereigns most likely to dominate in 2016. Kazakhstan parliament approves legislative amendments to facilitate Islamic finance.

Using data from our exclusive Sukuk Database, the above Sukuk Chart can be used to view issued Sukuk based on their maturity and issued profit rates along with corresponding information covering issued amount and date as well as rating data. View and filter sukuk based on issued country and currency covering both short-term and long-term issuances as well as historic matured sukuk covering the past ten years.

Array Islamic Banks – A Scalability Challenge

Islamic Banks - A Scalability Challenge

Islamic banks claim that they operate as Mudaribs and manage funds of ‘Sahib-ul Maal’ or depositors. Whereas, in reality, they function just like conventional banks.

Use the above interactive Islamic Bank Chart to select and view Islamic Banking ranking data based on assets, converted where appropriate to US Dollars. View and compare Islamic Bank sizes based on global and country specific views. Data export feature is available using menu on right hand side. Window operations are excluded and only fully fledged Sharia compliant institutions are considered.

Array Takaful: Growing from Strength to Strength

Takaful: Growing from Strength to Strength

Takaful is an important growing sector in the Islamic finance industry, with continuous positive growth momentum in key markets and estimations of continued double-digit growth globally. While the GCC and ASEAN are expected to continue to lead the global takaful markets with their substantial growth, emerging markets within Europe and Africa are al...

Array Crescent Wealth Investment Newsletter August 2015

Crescent Wealth Investment Newsletter August 2015

The S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index recorded it worst monthly performance since October 2008, falling 7.7% in August, and wiping out previously positive CYTD returns (now -0.7%). The Market ex- resources (-7.8%) modestly underperformed Resources (-7.2%) with Banks (-11.7%) the key drag.


AAOIFI Standard Number Seven – Hawala

This standard deals with hawala transactions that involve a change of debtor, i.e. transfer of debt. The scope of this standard shall not include banking remittances except the remittances that take the form of hawala (transfer of debt).

Array Yasser Alghofily - islamic architecture

Financial Outlook for OIC Member Countries

Despite the lowering commodity prices, tightening global financial conditions and possible higher interest rates, OIC Member States will maintain economic growth next two years. Thus, it is expected that OIC Member States average economic growth rate will accelerate in 2016 and 2017 with 5.1 and 5.8 percent, respectively.

Array Regulatory Arbitrage without Ethics Leading to Crash?

Regulatory Arbitrage without Ethics Leading to Crash?

The ethical principles of Islamic Economics should be at the forefront of thought and intention rather than financial structuring. It is likely only sociably responsible financial centres with depth, liquidity, and well established regulatory and legal frameworks will build the critical mass and emerge as significant Islamic Financial centres. Lond...